Prayer for Japan

March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Prayer by da_yama
Prayer a photo by da_yama on Flickr.
@浅草寺(Sensouji Temple Asakusa Tokyo)
I am the administrator of a group called “Ricoh CX” on Flickr, for people who use this brand of camera. Ricoh tends to market much more heavily in Japan, so a lot of the participants are Japanese. As you can imagine, there is almost no activity on this group tonight. But there is this shot from a member whose Flickr name is da yama. As with all Flickr accounts, I don’t know his real name, just a handful of facts–male, engineer, likes Italian food and culture. Here is his entry for today–his prayer that the lives of many people will be saved. To which I add my own. I don’t speak Japanese and it seems that a lot of participants in the group don’t speak English, but over the time that the group has been in existence, I feel like I have gotten to know each of them through their pictures, and the terrible events in their country have hit pretty close to home. So tonight I’m sending best wishes out to da yama, ashiachiko (pictures of Japanese architecture and countryside), KKOHEII (incredible food), Yutaka Kanoi (strange and beautiful blue-tinted landscape details), Toshiya-1048 (black-and-white flowers), and so many more.

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