My cameras: Olympus Pen EE-3

August 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

This is a half-frame Olympus Pen. “Half-frame” because it takes images that are only half the size of a regular 35mm picture. Which means that you can get 72 shots from a 36-exposure roll of film. I bought this copy at a tag sale in New Hampshire many years ago.  There was a larger version of the Pen that had interchangeable lenses and that is now a collector’s item. The Pens first appeared in 1959 and were smaller than most cameras in use at that time. In fact, they were called “Pen” because they were supposed to slip into your pocket as easily as a pen and thus could be carried at all times. Olympus has always lead the way in making cameras small and easily portable. Their iconic OM series that came out later lead the way in persuading other manufacturers to reduce the size of their single-lens reflexes. Recently, Olympus has done the same thing with digital cameras, introducing their Pen E-P series, which has a fairly large sensor in a significantly reduced body. The thing I have always loved about my Pen EE is that when I have the film developed at the drugstore, two small images are printed side-by-side on a regular-sized sheet of snapshot paper. This allows for all sorts of random pairings,  which appear by chance. Like these . . .

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  • I like the idea of pairings. It deserves to be turned in a project. For mysterious reasons photography only plays solos, whereas painting has now a tradition in putting together different pictures with the purpose of a reciprocal contamination. The above examples are very encouraging, Drew.

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