A modest camera

June 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been looking at photographs from three or four years ago and find that many of the ones I like were taken with a Panasonic LZ3 that I bought for cheap in 2007 at one of the office warehouse stores. Although it got good reviews when it came out, it certainly has never been among the industry-leading hot cameras. But there was something about it that encouraged me to experiment, and the result was that I took lots of pictures I still like. At about the same time, I bought a Nikon D80, which was hugely more expensive and that deservedly has a much higher reputation. But it’s a bit sobering to note that a lot of the pictures I took with it seem quite boring now. Certainly the D80 is a marvelous camera and the LZ3 can’t be compared to it. But still, one worked for me at the time and the other didn’t. I think the difference was that the Panasonic was small and inexpensive and I didn’t worry much about it. I could shove it in my pocket or toss it into a backpack, and I took it everywhere. Also, I didn’t think I had to  “make art” when I was using it, although as it turns out I probably did, more so than with the bigger, more expensive camera that I only used for “serious work” on special occasions. Both the D80 and the LZ3 are gone now, swept away on the restless tide of camera upgrading that has happened to so many photographers with the coming of the digital age. But this was one camera that really encouraged me to work. Here are a few shots I like from the LZ3.

orange x

red in lines




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