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June 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Blogging and busking–I was listening to a show on my local NPR station a few days ago about buskers (street musicians), and I realized that bloggers and buskers have at least one thing in common–we bypass the usual “gatekeepers” of the art world (theater managers, agents, curators, gallery owners, book publishers, etc.) and take our art directly to the pubic. While there are certain rewards for following the traditional route, there is also a nice sense of freedom in being able to determine how and when I will show my work and what I will show on this blog.

Signature style–There are pictures of all kinds on this blog. Color, black and white, landscapes, still lifes, ones I took 30 years ago, and ones (like the rose above) that I took yesterday. I love cameras and I love photography and I don’t like limiting myself to one way of seeing or one philosophy. Once I get my scanner working, there will be black and white street photography and more Polaroids and even one 8×10 contact print from an old camera that belonged to my grandfather. This freedom is wonderful too! I remember a lot of art-talk in the ’80s about doing away with the demand that an artist should have a signature style. In this respect, I was unknowingly participating in at least one aspect of postmodernism, as I have always been restless and inquisitive about photography’s varied genres.

Zen-like detachment–It has taken me some time to be calm about the graph on my dashboard that shows how many people visit this blog every day. For quite a while, there were only one or two per day. Then I registered with and for a few days there were a lot of visitors. I was every excited! I was a big success! Then the numbers dropped, and I felt awful. I was not such a big success! Then they went up again. Then down. By now I understand that I can’t let my emotions run wild with joy or despair, depending on the number of visitors. It seems that there are usually some people who visit every day. I’m happy that they see my work and hope they enjoy it. The best thing is that I enjoy doing it and that it has given a whole new life to my photography, past and present.

The rose picture was taken with an Olympus E-P2 and a Zuiko 24mm 2.8 lens, using an Olympus MF-2 adaptor. That combination is nearly equal to a 50mm lens on a 35mm camera. The E-P2 was set on the soft-focus art filter setting.

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