On the wing (always carry a camera)

June 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

crow over wethersfield cove

Out for a walk after work. The same territory I have gone over hundreds of times. Before I left the house, I thought, “Do I really need to take a camera with me? Am I going to see anything that I haven’t seen before?” The answer always is, “Yes, take a camera, no matter what.” As I stood on the end of the long dock that reaches out into the cove, this crow came low over the water, against the gathering dark clouds. The camera was ready.

Olympus E-P2 with a Zuiko 24mm lens and MF-2 adaptor. The aperture was set at f16, and the focus was set for the hyperfocal distance, so I didn’t need to focus when the bird suddenly appeared. I just held up the camera and took the picture. Art Filters, set on “soft focus.” ISO 400.

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§ One Response to On the wing (always carry a camera)

  • Olivier DONARD says:


    What a wonderfull blog.
    I really like it as for the pictures. I am sure that many people would look at it.
    I have also replied to you on your adress.
    Merci de m’avoir envoyer le blog;
    How can we come back to some of the earlier pictures,

    A bientot,


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