The house across the road

May 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Spending some much-needed days off in Maine. One of the best things about being here is our wonderful neighbors across the road. When we arrive from the city, tense and tired from the faster life and the five-hour drive it takes to get here, they sit us down and help us regain our perspective with their good company, great sense of humor, delicious home-brewed beer, and an occasional home-cooked meal (including, once, a moose roast.)

The other thing I like about visiting them is that they live in the house where my grandparents lived and where I spent many happy hours as a child. My grandparents were professional photographers, and I used to “help” my grandmother in the darkroom, agitating film in large roll-film tanks. It makes me especially happy that our neighbors now have a grandson who seems to enjoy the house as much as I did.

Olympus E-PL1 set on monochrome, with a Lens Baby Composer

Reaching for lilacs

Start of a new season

Remembering the photographers' house


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