Phantom Nikon

May 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

I just came back from the Wethersfield Goodwill store, where I asked the clerk if I could look at a lens that was sitting on the shelf behind the cash register. It turned out to be a very run-of-the-mill older Canon 135mm. As I handed it back, the clerk said, “You should have been here last week. A guy brought in a Nikon with a huge lens. We looked it up on the Internet, and it was listed for $4,000. We put a $300 price tag on it, and it was gone within minutes!” Oh, to have been there during those few minutes!

But oddly enough, I’m not entirely sad about missing that opportunity. I like the way my photography is going right now, and I don’t particularly love the narrow 35mm aspect ratio, as noted in my “About” section. So did I really miss something that would have been critically important to me? Probably not. But what a nice story, though. It’s always fun to have a phantom camera tale to tell when the night is dark, the photographers have all gathered around the campfire, and the wind in the treetops moans “Nikon! Niiikon!”


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