“Impossible” Photos

May 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I got my first package of the Impossible Project new “Polaroid” film, called PX Silver Shade/First Flush. It’s very interesting. It works like the old SX70 film, but it’s entirely different. As soon as it comes out of the camera, you have to shield it from light. Otherwise, the image turns a nasty-looking deep brown. So you stuff the print into your pocket and wait for a couple of minutes. The result is a sepia print that is full of uneven development, dark spots, and overexposed sections. Despite all these flaws, the prints actually have a sort of evocative beauty, a faded 19th-century feeling. Many of the PX images that show up on Flickr are quite beautiful. The Impossible Project is pretty gutsy . . . they are actually packaging and selling film that is massively deficient. They have another kind called “Fade to Black,” in which the image totally fades away after a few months. As photography has become somewhat easier and more predictable with the coming of digital, it’s interesting to see a company bring out a product that is quirky, “imperfect,” and yet somehow evocative. Here is one picture from home last night and two from a walk we took to Wethersfield Cove this afternoon.





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